World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day

In almost every country, marriage is an important institution. It symbolizes the formalization and maintenance of a relationship between two individuals. World Marriage Day is an international day celebrating all things related to marriage. It’s a great day for you to propose, get married, or to celebrate your spouse!

World Marriage Day was originally created by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter in the USA. It is also linked to the Catholic Marriage Movement. It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in February.

The original goal of the day was to honor the husband and wife, the foundation of the family as well as the fundamental unit of society. It is also intended to honor the idea of marriage as a symbol of faithfulness, sacrifice, joy and fulfillment in daily life.

In the United States, World Marriage Day was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the 1980s. It was a grassroots movement of married couples who asked the mayor of the city and governor of the state to recognize married couples by declaring St. Valentine’s Day “We Believe in World Marriage Day”.

In just one year, the idea was popularized by 43 of 50 US state governors. Some celebrations were even carried out on military bases around the globe. The name was changed to “World Marriage Day” in 1983. It now falls on the second Sunday of February, which sometimes falls on Valentine’s Day.

A decade later, Pope John Paul II of Catholic Church gave his official blessing to the day in 1993. Celebrations of the day are still growing and spreading throughout different countries, and people of various religions around the globe.

World Marriage Day’s symbol uses two couples as candle-like figures. This is to demonstrate that the love between a couple can often be used to bring light to the world. The symbol joins the couple by a heart. This symbolizes the power of love that can inspire others.

There are many fun and meaningful ways to celebrate World Marriage Day. These ideas are just a few of the many, so get creative and create your own!

Married couples still need to get along! It can be hard with so many children and work responsibilities. It is important to make time for each other and to strengthen the marriage relationship. These are some ideas to help you have a date with your spouse.

It is a great place to start: celebrating marriages within your own family or friends. Are there grandparents, parents, or friends who have been married for many years?

Send them a note or give them a call to let them know how great they are at being there for others. Ask them to share stories about their relationship and if they have any tips for keeping their marriage going strong after all these years. Celebrate their achievements with them by telling them how remarkable their long-term marriage has been.

World Marriage Day events are hosted by many organizations around the globe. They can be small or large, but the focus is to recognize the benefits and commitment of marriage. You can search the internet to see what events are being held in your area, whether they are hosted by clubs, therapy groups, churches, or non-profit organizations.

People who have been married for a while know that relationships are hard work and there’s always more to be learned. Singles who want to marry one day can benefit from learning how to be a better person, which can lead to a better spouse.

It is a great way for couples to continue their journey to better marriages. You can discuss them together, or you could start a book club with singles or couples to discuss the concepts. These are some suggestions for reading to honor this special day:


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