World Maths Day

World Maths Day

Since Pythagoreans in 6th century BC created the term “mathematics”, numbers have been an integral part of human life.

World Maths Day is a great way to have lots of fun, regardless of whether the actual maths sound exciting or not. Many people believe math is one of the most difficult subjects because it requires precise answers and abstract concepts. It can also be stressful. Don’t let this intimidate you!

World Maths Day offers an opportunity to practice math skills and test your math skills. It is also a great way to get involved in a global event that celebrates the history and importance of math for improving the lives of parents, students, and teachers around the world.

World Maths Day was founded by 3P Learning, an Australian educational resource developer. It allows people to participate in the largest online math competition, using 3P Learning Mathletics engine. This is actually one of the most important global educational events on Earth!

3P Learning reports that Mathletics is used worldwide by over 4 million students to improve their math skills and be the best in their field. It was also created to foster friendships among children from different cultures, as they work together towards excellence in mathematics.

3P Learning hosts an international competition each year as part of its initiative to improve the lives and teaching of teachers and students in schools all over the world by starting with math.

Schools around the globe host and participate in in-class competitions. Students also have free access to Mathletics. This allows them to improve their numeracy and arithmetic skills.

World Maths Day was first held in 2007. It used to be celebrated on March 14, American English as “Pi Day”, but it has been moved to the first Wednesday of March. Alternate Math Day can also be celebrated in October.

This day offers educators a unique opportunity to make math fun and constructive. Teachers can download online resources, which is great for students, teachers, and parents!

Over 98 countries have participated in World Maths Day. There are over 38,000 math questions and there have been over 5 million students participating annually. The competition is currently open to all schools across Europe, Middle East and Africa, students aged 4-16.

Schools can buy a subscription online to Mathletics and get access. This day is now linked to World Education Games, an international event that aims to improve the education of all schools in various subjects.

You can have fun with math activities by following these tips and other creative ideas.

Math doesn’t need to be boring. Sometimes it can be even fun! This day, take the time to review and refresh your old knowledge or learn something new about mathematics.

Khan Academy offers online tutoring and help. They also offer explanation videos and support. You can also find practice lessons for children from kindergarten through college.

Math is more than adding and subtracting numbers on a page. Math (especially geometry) can be a crucial part of many art projects.

Celebrate this day with art projects that use math such as a wire sculpture or painting using mathematical principles. Math can even be beautiful and inspiring when it is applied to art.

Encourage your teachers and school administrators to celebrate this day by recommending Mathletics. This event is best planned in advance. Make sure you have conversations with your local school representatives at least a month before the event.

To encourage your child’s learning at home, you can sign up for 3P Learning‚Äôs home subscription if you are a parent. You can practice math at home with your child even if you don’t have the budget for the subscription. It is possible to spend 30 minutes each day with your child practicing math. Math is a cumulative process that builds upon basics.

Are you curious about the number of math competitors who have ever competed against each other? Guiness World Record was established on March 3, 2010, with 1,204,766 participants representing 235 countries. That’s a lot math!

Use the hashtag #WorldMathsDay on social media to share this holiday with your children and encourage them to participate in the global math competition.


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