World Oceans Day

A blanket of vibrant, rich blue covers 66% of the planet. It was once the home of all life, and continues to be home to an incredible amount. The world’s oceans are the blanket. They serve as a popular vacation spot and play an important role in the economies of many countries. It is still the main thoroughfare for commerce, carrying huge amounts of cargo each year. The celebration of World Oceans Day honors the ocean’s important role in our lives.

Supporters of the oceans should use this time to talk about sustainability and how they can be kept clean and usable. Animals deserve a safe and happy environment where they can roam freely and without being threatened by man-made or natural disasters. To ensure that the oceans are a safe haven for everyone, it is important to protect them. People can all come together and create a place for everyone to appreciate and enjoy, regardless of where they live.

The UN created World Oceans Day in 2008 by unifying its efforts. The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 was the first time it was proposed. This special commemorates the ocean’s importance in human history. It also raises awareness about the dangers that it faces. Although there are almost 200,000 species known to live in the oceans, the actual number of species living in them is in the thousands. It is vital to make sure they have safe and secure homes and are able to move around freely.

Even though this is true, overfishing continues to be a problem. Subsidies for fishing in other countries around the globe are contributing to the depletion and destruction of game species. This has led to the destruction of efforts to restore fishing and to the industry making $50 billion less each year. This is just one reason to celebrate World Oceans Day, and raise awareness about the many issues that our oceans face.

Due to decades of plastic overuse and an increase in single-use plastics, there is a global environmental disaster. Plastic straws, bags and other plastics are contaminating the oceans and causing havoc. The World Oceans Day provides an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the efforts made to combat plastic pollution. It is both enlightening, and demoralizing to learn that each year 13,000,000 tons of plastic reaches the ocean. This, along with other damages, causes 100,000 deaths annually.

It is a great reminder to remember that the oceans play an important role in daily life around the world. Many consider the oceans to be the planet’s lungs, as they provide the majority of oxygen we breathe. It is our goal to create a global movement of citizens who care more about the oceans. It is a chance to educate and inform the public and humans about the effects of our actions on the ocean, and how they can be improved in the long-term. It’s not just a day to enjoy the beauty, wealth and promise of the sea, but also a chance for people to see that they are a vital part of the biosphere. They are a major source of food, medicine and can’t be ignored.

To restore your personal connection with the ocean, start it by going to the nearest one. Take a deep breath and take in the serenity and beauty that the ocean has to offer each day. Invite your family to join you.

Instead of sitting around and ignoring the problem, pick a day when you can go to the beach to clean it up. Get together your family and friends to pick up litter that is surrounded the beaches and oceans. This will not only make the area look better, but it will also benefit the wildlife. Instead of using single-use plastics, pack a picnic lunch in reusable containers and enjoy it after all the hard work. You might also think about organizing a fundraiser to support restoration and preservation efforts at the beach. Our ocean is littered with plastic waste from beach-goers.

This is a great opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and further explore the topic. You can find a wide range of resources and books that will help you achieve your goal. You can also gather people together and make an ocean film about the topic. This will bring awareness to the idea of helping the oceans.

There are many activities and events taking place on World Oceans Day. You can choose one or more to take part in and enjoy World Oceans Day. Instead of focusing on your own activities, you can take advantage of the ideas of others in the area and help them out.

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