World Orphan Week

World Orphan Week

Over 140 million children have lost their parents or both, leading to orphanages or worse, the streets. Adoption is a great way to keep a child safe. However, not all people can adopt a child.

This is why World Orphan Week offers people the chance to help abandoned children all over the globe through sponsorships, donations and raising awareness.

The SOS Children’s Villages UK started World Orphan Week in 2005. SOS Children’s Villages is the largest charity that supports orphaned and abandoned children. Through many of its sister organisations in 125 countries SOS Children’s Villages UK works alongside these children to provide them with a home, family and education.

World Orphan Week began in October, before moving to February 2009. It was celebrated for four years before it was taken off the calendar. In 2018, the event regained popularity and gained traction.

This holiday is designed to help orphaned children and gives people the chance to learn more about SOS Children’s villages. This holiday’s relaunch marked the 50th anniversary the organization’s founding. SOS Children’s Villages has worked with more than 80,000 children in 570 communities all over the globe.

World Orphan Week aims to educate people about how to sponsor a child, village, donate to the organization, and help in times of crisis and natural disaster. People take this day to learn more about the children they are helping, and then give back to those in need.

You can support orphaned children by making a donation to SOS Children’s villages during World Orphan Week. This money can be used to pay for funerals, to help those in crisis, or to honor loved ones. By visiting their main website, you can also apply to sponsor a child/village.

You can reach an SOS representative if you work for a company and launch a campaign in your area.


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