World Orphans Day

World Orphans Day

Millions of children around the world have been left orphaned by war, poverty, displacement, or disease. Every November, there is a World Orphans Day. It falls on the second Monday.

This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the plights of orphans around the world. This is a noble cause, if ever there was one.

Romans were the first to care for orphaned kids. They opened the first orphanage in the history of the Roman Empire in 400 AD. However, Athenian and Jewish law mandated that orphans should be cared for until the age of 18. Plato, the great philosopher, once stated that orphans should be under the care and supervision of public guardians.

Men should be afraid of orphans, and the spirits of their parents who have passed on. As a guardian, a man should be as compassionate and loving to the orphan as his own child. He should be just as meticulous and diligent as he is with his own property, or even more so.

In Medieval Europe, the care of orphans was provided by churches. In the early 1900s, the number of orphans in England reached alarming levels. Not to mention the harsh and often abusive living conditions. Charles Dickens’ famous novel “Oliver Twist”, shows perfectly the hardships that orphaned children endured in orphanages.

Researchers are nearly unanimous in claiming that orphanages are the worst option for children because they don’t get the proper amount of attention and physical contact.

Many people, mostly Westerners, have decided to adopt children from impoverished nations to improve their chances of a better future. Unfortunately, scams are also common in this area. Many parents have paid huge sums to adopt children from poor countries.

The Stars Foundation created World Orphans Day to bring awareness about the many children around the world who are without a parent. Stars Foundation wanted this day to inspire people to do all they can to help.

As we have said, any help you can give an orphan who is poor could make a huge difference. So take the time to think about what you can do, and then get on with it! For example, you could organize a fundraising event. You can also sponsor a child in an orphanage in your area or invest in education programs that will give orphans a fresh start. There are many ways you can help orphans. This annual day will highlight those options to the greatest extent.

Many dignitaries from the AIDS/ORPHAN communities will appeal to the United Nations for World Orphans Day to be officially observed on the second Monday of November each year. At the ICASA conference, 10,000 scientists, activists, and governmental officials from all over the world will discuss the Initiative.

AMICAALL was founded out of a desire to care for the orphans affected by AIDS and a commitment by UNAIDS to end AIDS by 2030. It brings together mayors from all over AFRICA. As part of their Public Awareness and Advocacy work for orphans, The Stars Foundation plans to send influential Ambassadors to Goodwill to the ICASA Conference.


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