World Pangolin Day

World Pangolin Day

Pangolin lovers can join forces to raise awareness about the unique mammals and their plight on World Pangolin Day. This amazing animal is rapidly disappearing in Asia and Africa as a result of poaching and illegal hunting. Eight species are listed as Critically Endangered or Vulnerable in the world. Today is the right day to raise awareness about these endangered animals.

Although very little is known about them, they are the only mammal that can be scaled. These rare mammals are covered in hard skin made of keratin. They predate almost exclusively upon termites and ants. They are primarily nocturnal and secretive, so it is difficult to learn more about their lives. Each species of pangolin has a unique number of scales due to differences in the sizes of their scales. Sunda pangolins have approximately 900 to 1000 scales.


Feb 18 2025


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