World Password Day

They are strange, complex, everywhere and we tend to forget them more often than is healthy. We’re not talking here about anniversaries, although sometimes they are! We’ll explain. Your passwords are what we’re referring to!

They are used to protect the most personal parts of our lives, as well as our finances and health records. World Password Day reminds of the importance and role of these tiny crypto-keys in protecting our lives. Identity thieves are all around us, and these are your first line of defense.

As long as people have kept secrets, passwords have been around. Most people view passwords as the information we enter into the box that appears after Username and Email on all of those websites.

They played an important role in secret societies and espionage long before this. If you want to make sure that the person you are speaking to is the one sent by your organization’s, ask them for their password!

These are often required by secret organizations like the Masons or other fraternal groups before they let you in. It wouldn’t make much sense for secret societies to have a way of keeping the secrets secret.

These things are no longer of concern. However, digital protection is essential to our daily lives. Sometimes, it’s as simple as protecting our identity via our favorite forum. Nearly everyone has a Facebook profile to protect.

Whereas you may have needed a few passwords in the past, many people now need dozens. These passwords can be very different. Some require certain characters (numbers or symbols), while others deny the use. This makes it difficult to have a universal password, and security experts agree that this is a bad idea.

World Password Day was created to warn the world and raise awareness about how important it is to protect yourself from identity theft.

Data is the currency of modern times. You can be impersonated, stolen your data and even taken money by malicious internet actors if you have your account information. They can also do this while covering their tracks. You can’t go after them to get your money back.

A shocking statistic is revealed about password security. Business Insider conducted research to find out how vulnerable accounts are. It found that 98% of accounts have access to 10,000 of the most popular passwords. This means that most people use the same passwords for years.

This is what career hackers know – and it’s part of why they’ve been so popular over the past few years. World Password Day is an attempt at reversing this. They want to raise awareness about the importance of having strong passwords. It is a grave sin to have a password that is similar to your birth date or even the word “password”, itself. They believe passwords should be complex and long and not resemble real words.

Two-factor authentication is also being promoted by World Password Day organizers. This concept is probably familiar to anyone who can use a computer. To increase your chances of accessing your account from someone else, you should use two types of security.

There are many forms of two-factor authentication. It involves entering a regular password, then sending an alert on your phone to confirm that you are logging in. If it’s not, you can refuse to sign in or change your password.

The day is intended to celebrate strong passwords. Although it sounds odd, it is actually quite sensible. Our passwords are used to protect all our digital information, including our social media profiles and bank accounts. Our security and privacy are essential. Passwords are an integral part of our security. We’d be a mess without them. People have the opportunity to learn what makes a strong password and how to store it every World Password Day.

Mark Burnett, a security researcher, was the original person who suggested the idea. He saw that most passwords were inadequate. He advised people to have a “password day” every year where they would update their accounts with a random password.

It will be fascinating to see how World Password Day changes with the times. A model password currently includes numbers, letters, and changes in case. But it could change in the future. It is hard to predict how artificial intelligence and quantum computers will impact the game. We’ll just have to watch and wait.

Let’s just say that this is not about having a holiday, but about protecting yourself and your family from the possible dangers and potentially fatal consequences of identity theft.

Make your passwords stronger by creating nonsense phrases that you can remember, changing numbers, adding spaces and other things to make it impossible for hackers to guess.

Don’t post names, dates, anniversaries or pet names to Facebook. How many times have you used “Your superhero name”? Hmm?) These are just some of the options.


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