World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day

The World Plumbing Council started World Plumbing Day, an international celebration that is held every year on the 11th of March to acknowledge the importance of plumbing in society’s health and well-being.

Through its member countries and partnerships with bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the WPC works year-round to promote safe plumbing. However, in 2010, it launched the idea of dedicating one day to plumbing on the global calendar.

It was decided that people would reflect on plumbing’s vital role in their lives and in maintaining their health, in countries like ours, or in creating sustainable futures free from disease for millions of people in the developing world. World Plumbing Day was born. It is growing in popularity.

Today’s events on the continents Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia are held to celebrate the occasion and to draw attention to the importance and benefits of plumbing and sanitation. China, India, Canada and North America are all celebrating World Plumbing Day.

Today is World Plumbing Day. It’s being celebrated in offices, training colleges, classrooms, workplaces and legislatures all over the globe. Millions of people are reaching out to the World Plumbing Day message each March through media releases and magazine articles in Chinese Hindi, English, German, English, Spanish and German.

World Plumbing Day celebrates the vital link between plumbing and health. The bathroom is a key part of maintaining our health around the globe. Everyone understands the importance of having clean, sanitary plumbing to eliminate germs.

It’s not clear how many germs are in your bathroom, but this is where you will find the most dangerous bacteria such as cocci, bacillus and gram negative rods. These bacteria can be harmful to humans and cause skin infections as well as pneumonia. Some bacteria types are resistant to antibiotics which gives World Plumbing Day a whole new meaning.

Good plumbing is more than a nice thing to do to make your bathroom look good. It is the best and most efficient way to protect and maintain your health.

Let’s face it. Everyone has different plumbing systems. People in developing countries may not have access to running water or toilets. It’s making us more grateful for our bathrooms, but you can also make an active decision to share your plumbing with others on World Plumbing Day. It doesn’t necessarily mean inviting others to your bathroom.

You can also look into organizations that provide modern plumbing services to the most remote areas of the globe. Toilet twinning charities can make an enormous impact on the health of people around the globe. Donate to charity that builds toilets in developing countries. You can also find organizations like Who Gives A Crap, which sell recycled toilet paper and use 50% of their profits for toilet building.

It’s not hard to understand why your parents told you to wash your hands after using the toilet. This ensures you can clean any potentially harmful bacteria. It is almost impossible to catch diseases if everyone washes their hands after using the toilet. It’s not that we only catch diseases in the toilet, but many of our stomach bugs, flu and other infectious illnesses can be prevented by proper hand washing.

It sounds intriguing, doesn’t? Make hygiene your number one priority for World Plumbing Day. Teach your children to wash their hands every day. To keep things as clean as possible, you could also teach your children to use the bathroom regularly. It’s a simple task to change your hand towel once a week. To avoid contamination, make sure you keep your plumbing clear! No one likes to see moldy patches in their shower.

When it comes to their health, plumbers are responsible for a lot. Celebrate your local plumber expert on World Plumbing Day. It doesn’t have to be a party. You can avoid harmful DIY techniques that could lead to a false economy. If you don’t have the right tools and knowledge, DIY home repairs can be a disaster.

If your toilet is constantly blocked or your pipes feel wet, you should contact a professional plumber. Your home hygiene is protected by plumbing knowledge. A plumber will be able to identify and repair any damage to your plumbing system or pipe.

As a homeowner, you have responsibilities for taking care of your plumbing. It isn’t often a priority to take care of plumbing, especially when everything else works. You can make a change to ensure your plumbing system stays in good condition on World Plumbing Day. These quick solutions can help you take care of your pipes. Regular maintenance is essential.


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