World Poetry Day

Poetry can transform the way we see the world and inspire others. It can also strengthen the bonds between people, helping to create harmony and understanding.

Poetry can, however, be seen as a dying art form in an age of technology and better ways to communicate messages of beauty and art.

World Poetry Day is an opportunity to celebrate the power of poetry, build meaningful relationships, and learn more about history and other cultures.

Every year, World Poetry Day is celebrated to encourage the teaching and publishing of poetry around the globe. It was established by UNESCO in 1999. They stated that the day was created to promote:

“With the goal of supporting linguistic diversity via poetic expression and increasing opportunities for endangered languages to hear”

In their original declaration, they also stated that World Poetry Day was all about giving new impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements.

This day is intended to educate and inspire, as well as give recognition to poets around the globe for their creativity.

The 30th General Conference in Paris, 1999 saw the creation of World Poetry Day. Participants at the conference had aspirations to promote linguistic diversity through poetry and increase awareness of the dying and endangered so that they can be heard.

World Poetry Day honors poets and revives the tradition of poetry recitals. It also promotes poetry, a form that connects people with their humanity. Poetry can provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of a time period and generations upon generations of poets.

People can also attend poetry recitals and feel the emotions and languages of words. They can also form emotional bonds with other people.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization hosts World Poetry Day. This subsection of the United Nations promotes culture through communication, effort, and passion.

Schools, libraries, schools, and publishers around the world celebrate World Poetry Day every year. They teach about poets and styles, as well as the languages they are read in, and offer support to other organizations and publishers.

People host events throughout the day to celebrate their favorite poets, learn about poetry, and talk about them. UNESCO offers social media resources and other resources that can be used to teach people around the globe how to read and understand poetry in their day-to-day lives.

Read poetry to celebrate World Poetry Day. You can find poets like Sylvia Plath and John Keats as well as William Wordsworth and Ezra Pound. You can learn more about poets by attending a college course on poetry or going to a spoken-word event to hear the latest from the stage.

You can also celebrate World Poetry Day in many other ways. Instead of reading a poem, you can watch a poet read it. YouTube and other video sharing sites allow us to access all kinds of videos, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a poem reading that interests us. It is very powerful to hear a poet read aloud, especially from the author. This takes the meaning of the words up to a whole new level. Jay Bernard and Hera Lindsay Bird are two examples of such readings. These readings are amazing!

There are many great books that contain poems specifically for children. Roger McGough’s Poetry Pie is a great choice. It contains more than 50 poems that will make you child smile. You might also consider Kit Wright’s Cat Among the Pigeons or Brian Patten’s Gargling With Jelly.

Write your own poem if World Poetry Day has inspired you. Poetry isn’t necessary for you to be Shakespeare. It is up to you to decide whether you share your poetry with others or keep it to yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you feel lost. If you’ve never written a poem before, it can be overwhelming. It’s always a good idea to have a goal in your mind before you start writing. What do you want to accomplish by writing the poem

Other types include communicating your theme using concrete words instead of abstract words, similes, metaphors, images and avoiding sentimentality or cliches. There are many books and videos that can help you write poems. There are many ways to start a poem, but there is no one right way. It is about finding the best method for you.

Use the hashtag #WorldPoetryDay to share your favourite poets on social media. Tell your family and friends that today is a day to celebrate language and how we communicate.


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