World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day

Oats are a healthy and delicious grain that makes a rich, delicious meal. It is warm, filling, rich and delicious and is a staple in breakfasts all around the globe. Where did Porridge originate?

World Porridge Day is a celebration of this delicious and nutritious breakfast and all the health benefits it brings to its users.

Join us as we look at the history of this dish and show you how it has changed the world.

It’s time for World Porridge Day to be celebrated!

Porridge is, as it happens, the traditional Scottish national dish. It has kept the country’s people healthy for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The World Porridge Making Championship is held every year in Carrbridge, a Scottish Highland village. It determines the best porridge champion.

The Scots are known for their progressive worldview and deep concern for people all over the globe. As such, Carrbridge has come together with Mary’s Meals ( to help provide rich nourishing porridge to children all over the world.

Mary’s Meals helps children around the world by providing food and support. They also work in remote places such as Malawi to ensure that children are fed during the school year. Their efforts have helped more than one-and-a half million children in 16 countries that are the poorest. They provide meals to encourage children to attend school and to build their education to lift themselves, their families, and their country out of poverty.

Mary’s Meals works in many countries to make World Porridge Day a success, including Haiti, Kenya, Romania, Kenya and the Philippines.

In 2009, the first World Porridge Day took place. Since then, it has helped children live longer and healthier lives. Stoats Porridge Bars was the official sponsor for the day in 2016.

Participate in activities to celebrate World Porridge Day. These ideas are just a few of the many options. You can also come up with your own creative ideas.

To get your day started off right, start with a large bowl of porridge. Next, think about how you can make that morning a reality for everyone. Mary’s Meals can help you create fund-raisers and celebrations to feed these children around the globe.

For a porridge party, invite your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. Make the meal simple and cook some delicious porridge. Next, talk with guests about World Porridge Day. Ask them to consider donating. They might be willing to donate the money they would have spent on a meal instead of attending the party.

Volunteering is a great way to help the local community. There are many places you can volunteer in, such as soup kitchens or homeless shelters that provide food for those less fortunate. Even making cookies or flapjacks with porridge can be shared with others. This will make someone smile and bring the humble oatmeal to the table.

Porridge is a healthy and nutritious meal that can benefit your body. Porridge is especially good to have in the morning because the body has lost significant amounts of nutrients over the night. Porridge is a great way to replenish these nutrients.

Research has shown that porridge can have a number of health benefits for humans.


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