World Post Day

World Post Day

The postal services have made it possible to communicate with each other in a profound way. But, it was difficult for people to get letters and parcels to each other before the advent of the internet. This is due to the international postal policies.

World Post Day reminds people how postal services were made easier when all countries reached an agreement about how mail should be processed.

World Post Day celebrates the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union. It aims to educate people about how post offices around the globe have helped global communication and made it easier for everyone to connect.

In 1874, the Treaty of Bern established the Universal Postal Union to establish postal policies. The Treaty of Bern was created by an international conference hosted by the Swiss government to unify different postal regulations and allow mail to be exchanged freely.

Although the treaty has been amended numerous times to update policies, the Universal Postal Union helped to establish a universal flat rate for mail that can be sent anywhere in the world. It allowed postal carriers to keep rights in multiple countries while they traveled and each country could retain the money earned.

The Universal Postal Union, which is a union of all postal services in the world, has helped to improve mail services by eliminating international barriers.

This treaty is celebrated on World Post Day. It has helped to shape how people send and receive mail. People take the time to mail letters to family members, friends, and loved ones to celebrate this day.

They work for the Universal Postal Union to improve mail experience, and include discussions about economic sustainability as well as environmental protection.

It doesn’t matter if you are sending mail to send a gift, a letter or an online gift, it is a great way of celebrating this day. Learn more about the Universal Postal Union and share it with your friends.

Thank your local mailman if they deliver mail to you. Discuss which mail service you trust most. Talk to others about the work of postal workers and share that information with anyone you know.


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