World Quality Day

World Quality Day

Have you ever bought a product and been excited to bring it home only to discover that it doesn’t work the first time you put it to use? You may have called technical support to receive a list of responses, rather than getting the help of someone who is actually an expert in the subject. These horrible experiences only reinforce the necessity for quality in all aspects of business.

In 2008, Quality Day was created at the Imarsat Conference Centre in order to provide a forum for discussion on innovation, inspiration, creativity, and other topics. As Quality is a key component of the GDP of first-world economies, it has been essential to focus on customer satisfaction and reduce costs while increasing quality.

Customers no longer have to be sold substandard products. With increased communication between customers comes a return to high quality, long-lasting products. Collaboration, innovation and the pursuit of quality are key to improving quality at all levels of manufacturing and business.

Working with your corporate leaders is the best way to celebrate World Quality Day. It doesn’t matter if you want to improve the efficiency of your company or make it easier to concentrate on quality growth within your business.

It is possible to organize a celebration with the official day by focusing your attention on the theme of World Quality Day. The theme for 2012 was Delivering a competitive advantage, and 2014 was Building a quality world together. You will be able to work with other companies around the globe to improve your business’ quality.


Aug 11 2024


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