World Rainforest Day

World Rainforest Day

Our planet’s rainforests keep it alive. They are home to half of the world’s animal species. They provide freshwater and help maintain our climate. Every second, 1 and 1/2 hectares are lost. Meanwhile, each year, 78,000,000 hectares of rainforest is destroyed. World Rainforest Day was created to encourage people to take action to reduce deforestation and to protect the rainforests for future generations.

The Rainforest Partnership created World Rainforest Day in 2017. They collaborate with Indigenous Peoples who live in rainforest environments to launch projects that help to restore and regenerate healthy rainforests. This day is all about raising awareness about the importance of the rainforest, and how it benefits us. We can all come together to take positive, hopeful actions to preserve the rainforest’s lifespan and protect it as we have for thousands of years.

There are many events that can be held, including those in local communities, virtual events, educational initiatives in schools, charity projects, as well as hundreds of other small actions that we can do each day to help the rainforest. You can join a global community, whether you are working alone or with a group of family, friends, or colleagues to protect the rainforest. This website offers educational material and advice, as well as award-winning videos.

Although the Rainforest Partnership has many community-based projects in Amazon, the event itself is supported by over 70 global partners. These include environmental advocates and media outlets. They all strive for positive, affirmative actions that preserve the Amazon rainforest. The event’s tagline is “Because We Can’t Wait”, which is a powerful message and call to action for all people.

It is important to remain positive and focus on the things we can do for the rainforest. For thousands of years our rainforests have provided oxygen and carbon dioxide to sustain us. Since 2007, the Rainforest Partnership has spread this positive message to protect biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples.

Rainforest Partnership’s core mission is to conserve the rainforest through community-based projects that have a positive impact upon the lives of local peoples and the wildlife that depend on it every day. Their headquarters is in Texas but they spend most of their time in the rainforest with their Latin American-based team. The Rainforest Partnership has been so successful. It has partnered with international organizations to provide a united response to deforestation. They are an affiliated member to the UN Economic and Social Council and can consult and advise businesses and organizations around the globe on sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.

How long have the rainforests been helping us? The Amazon rainforest was formed in the Amazon basin after the Atlantic Ocean expanded sufficiently to make it tropical. It has been around 60 million years old. It is believed that the rainforest grew after the mass extinctions of dinosaurs. It is possible that the rainforest has experienced many expansions and reductions over millions of years. This could be due to factors such as expanding and contracting glaciers.

Why is the loss of rainforest so serious? Deforestation is mainly caused by logging, mining, industrial development, and the clearing of land for agriculture. More land is required to support roads and large machinery. As a result, deforestation becomes more common. The habitats of wildlife and the homes of Indigenous Peoples will be more severely affected as more rainforest is cleared. Deforestation on a large scale can lead to climate change, flooding and desertification. These are all things that could threaten our planet’s health and way of living.

This is the perfect time to relieve the trees of the rainforest, and to find ways to protect its homes and wildlife. Share your positive outlook on conserving the planet through social media and blog posts about ways you can help save the rainforest. Participating in virtual events or networks, as well as donating to or raising awareness for charities such the Rainforest Partnership or donating to charity.

Even better, you can host your own rainforest awareness day by organizing an event that promotes the cause or supports a rainforest protection charity. You don’t have to be a great organizer. Instead, you can take part in sponsored runs, climbs, treks, or walks to raise funds. Registered tree planting charities can be found online. You can sponsor the planting and maintenance of a tree for the benefit of the rainforest. You can engage children by downloading the activity packs from the day’s website. Then, you can give these to your family and friends for a day full of fun activities.

This day offers the chance to make lifestyle changes and help save our rainforest. Deforestation from agriculture is one of the main factors in the reduction of rainforest. You can reduce food waste by only buying and using what you actually need. It is a great way to protect the environment by purchasing goods from ethical businesses that give back to it.

It is a great way to help your local wildlife and preserve global biodiversity. To show your love for our feathered friends, plant insect-attracting plants in your balcony or garden. This is the ideal day to make small gestures or host a large event to show your appreciation for our rainforest.


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