World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day

Nearly every child on the planet should be able recognize this majestic beast with its grey skin and prominent (or multiple) horns. Its snout. The rhinoceros is a beloved critter!

It is currently in grave danger in the wild, and is on the verge of extinction if nothing is done to save it. To help these amazing creatures, World Rhino Day was created.

The crisis involving rhinos in Africa, especially the black rhinos of Zimbabwe, was well-known by the 1990s and people started to become concerned. The potentially dangerous future of Rhinoceros was not well-known to many people in the world by 2010. Most people didn’t know how close this magnificent species was to extinction.

The situation of the rhinos was so dire that only 30,000 were left alive. The WWF-South Africa created World Rhino Day in an effort to save rhinos worldwide. It was an extraordinary success.

A woman named Lisa Jane Campbell sent an email to Rhishja in 2011 to request that the five rhino species around the world thrive and be preserved for future generations.

These two amazing women have made World Rhino Day a worldwide phenomenon and it has been a huge success.

It’s not over yet, though. There are still about 100 Sumatran Rhinos and 60-65 Javan Rhinos. While the rhino population in Africa is doing well, there’s still much to be done.

Rhino Day is a wonderful day to take the time to share your concern and be aware of the struggles this species faces.

People can celebrate World Rhino Day by becoming more aware of the dire situation of rhinoceros in modern society. This will help people to identify what they can do to save the rhinoceros that are left. These are some ideas to celebrate this day.

These reputable organizations are doing their best to ease the suffering of rhinos.

Helping Rhinos, in addition to the above organizations, is a group that matches people with baby rhinos who are unable to care for their parents. Adoption participation costs only a few dollars per month or a year. Adopters can also choose the baby rhino that they wish to support.

An adoption certificate is issued with the photo, name and fact sheet of the rhino adopted. You also get a subscription to the e-newsletter from the Helping Rhinos Organization. You can find out more about the rhinos available for adoption, as well as how they were rescued and placed into the rhino orphanages.

The Rhinos are a powerful symbol of strength and resilience that is also tenacity. It would be a shame to see those traits disappear from a species that once existed. These magnificent creatures should not be lost. Get together with your family and friends to see what you can do.

A small party or get-together can be organized to celebrate Rhino Day. Guests will learn about the concerns and solutions for Rhinos. You can share interesting facts about rhinos and how they contribute to their habitat areas. You can help guests learn how they can support the cause and encourage them to make donations or adopt one of the orphan rhinos.


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