World Sketchnote Day

World Sketchnote Day

You don’t have to get in trouble with your teacher for “doodling in class”, because there is a holiday that celebrates visual learning. World Sketchnote Day is a celebration of sketchnoting’s uniqueness and offers insight into the creative possibilities for visual learners. Learn more about the holiday’s history, and how you can celebrate it at Days of The Year.

Mike Rohde and MauroToselli, the creators of World Sketchnote Day, founded it in 2016. The company Sketchnote Army was founded by Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli, along with a few other designers and producers to showcase sketchnotes from all over the globe. Each holiday showcases talented artists through social media contests. People who enjoy drawing and combine it with reminders or notes can be featured on their website. Interviews, podcasts and blog posts can be made from there to showcase these artists, learn more about their lives, and discover why they draw the way that they do.

Sketchnoting allows people to take visual notes and make better use of their time. Sketchnoting is important because it allows people to remember more details and ideas later. Sketchnoting doesn’t have to be visual. This technique involves arranging words and images in a variety of ways to create memory techniques. People share their notes and discuss their methods on this holiday so others can benefit from their efforts and learn from them.

You can celebrate this holiday by sharing your work on social media. Send your sketches to Sketchnote Army, and they will be happy to see your work. Post your notes online using #worldsketchnoteday. Explain to others why you use visual sketches to recall ideas. This holiday will allow you to meet people who feel the exact same way about your notes, and maybe even get new ideas for talking about art.


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