World Sleep Day

It may seem so normal that sleep seems like a part of everyday life that it is absurd to talk about it. It can be one the most overlooked and unimportant aspects of people’s daily lives. For those with recurring sleep problems, it can make getting enough sleep difficult and impact everything else.

World Sleep Day is a day to help those with sleep problems. It’s useful in educating people around the globe about the importance and changing perceptions of sleep.

World Sleep Day has been celebrated since 2008. It is an international awareness event that celebrates sleep and helps those who have serious sleep problems. This holiday is celebrated on the Friday prior to the Spring Vernal Equinox each year and is attended by more than 70 countries.

World Sleep Day is a day that focuses on issues related to sleep, medicine, education, and the social consequences of sleep deprivation on daily life. Sleep problems, from mild to severe to serious, are a contemporary problem that can take over people’s lives.

The American Sleep Association estimates that between 50 and 70 million Americans have some form of sleep disorder. More than 25 million suffer from sleep apnea. Insomnia (inability to sleep for any length of time or at all) is the most common sleep problem.

The World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society organized this day with a group health professionals and providers interested in sleep medicine and research.

World Sleep Day is a day that aims to bring people together, regardless of whether they are healthcare professionals or everyday citizens, to talk about sleep problems and find solutions.

Doctors like Liborio Perrino, MD Italy, and Antonio Culebras MD were the first cochair members of World Sleep Day. They helped to create the World Sleep Society, a non profit organization that funds research on the ever-present sleep problems in the world.

The World Sleep Society collaborates with news agencies to spread the word about the positive effects of sleep on daily life. It’s all about spreading the word and helping people find help.

It’s easy to take part in World Sleep Day. It is possible to make a difference in your life by making an effort to get better sleep. These are some ways you can give an intentional nod today:

You can celebrate World Sleep Day by getting to sleep, the one thing that everyone enjoys at the end each day. You can take the day off and go to sleep for as long as it takes. You can also take a 20-minute power nap at lunch, but it’s not as extreme. It is a sign that you need it.

Adults may assume that children will fall asleep when they’re tired. They often can’t! A person’s sleeping routine can need some extra care, just like the rest of their physical care (showering and brushing teeth).

Sleep hygiene is a process that allows the brain to relax and prepares for sleep. It includes healthy habits and relaxation routines like:

A smartphone app can be used to assist those who need help with sleeping. The apps Slumber Calm, Sleep Cycle and Reflectly all aim to help the brain get to sleep, or measure the rhythms of the night.

To support research into sleep disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia, you can donate to a sleep fundraiser. Find a local sleeping foundation or check out events in your area.

If you believe that you have a sleeping problem, it’s important to speak to a professional. Ask if they are willing to perform a sleep test and what sleep hygiene recommendations they have.

Use the hashtag #WorldSleepDay to share this day on social media and let your family and friends know how important sleep is for everyone.


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