World Snow Day

World Snow Day

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate World Snow Day by taking part in outdoor activities and winter sports.

World Snow Day was founded by the International Ski Federation, also known as FIS (from their French title, Federation internationale de ski et de snowboard). FIS was founded in 1910 by delegates representing ten countries who met in Norway. The International Ski Federation is the world’s leading governing body for Olympic events like skiing and snowboarding. It includes at least 180 national ski organizations.

World Snow Day is observed on the third Sunday of January every year. The inaugural celebration began in 2012. World Snow Day was however the second phase in the FIS campaign to increase snow sport participation among children. Five years ago, the first phase of the FIS campaign, called “Bring Children to the Snow”, began.

World Snow Day aims to inspire families to create lasting memories with their kids and to provide opportunities for them to experience winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Enjoy World Snow Day by getting on board with snowboarding, skiing and other activities. These are some fun ideas to get you started:

World Snow Day is a great opportunity to have fun with your family and friends by getting together to take part in winter sports events. It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing, snowboarding or sledding; it’s great fun to bring people together to enjoy the day on the slopes.

To increase the visibility of their events on the site, those who host World Snow Day events such as snowboarding parks or ski slopes can register them.

National Snow Day is a great day to indulge in ice cream made from snow. This is a unique treat that kids will love to eat. Eight cups of snow, one can sweetened condensed milk, and one teaspoon vanilla extract are all you need. Combine all ingredients, add toppings, and serve immediately.

Parents and teachers might be interested in making snow-themed crafts and projects. It doesn’t have to be cold or snowy, but it can be fun to celebrate. These World Snow Day crafts are great for children.

Plan a ski or snowboarding vacation to have the best World Snow Day. These are some of the most beautiful places to ski around the globe:


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