World Soil Day

World Soil Day is an annual celebration that people can be forgiven for missing out on or not knowing about. Yes, soil. That sticky brown stuff that is walked on to prized cream carpets. Unfortunately, soil quality has declined dramatically because of ignorance and inability to take full advantage of its benefits.

These are the exact problems World Soil Day is trying to address. Few things are more important than the survival of the planet’s inhabitants.

Without a doubt, soil is one of the most important parts of an ecosystem. Soil is an essential part of our lives. It provides food, water, and energy, as well as helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

All of these reasons make it important that World Soil Day is celebrated by more than scientists who care about the well-being of our planet. It’s time for us to celebrate and learn more about this important day.

The International Union of Soil Sciences, (IUSS), proposed that 5 December be World Soil Day. The day’s purpose was to recognize soil’s importance as an integral part of the natural world and as a key contributor to human well-being.

In an effort to raise awareness about the vital role soil plays in food security, and therefore the lifeline of humanity, the International Year of Soils was established in 2015. It’s not surprising that the International Year of Soils has been celebrated by the majority of the 60,000 soil scientists around the world.

It is unlikely that ordinary people will exchange ‘Happy Soil Day‚Äô cards anytime soon. However, this doesn’t mean people won’t be able to learn to appreciate the importance of soil in our lives. ).

This day is about getting average people to become more aware of soil and take part in its health.

It turns out that there are many things that regular people can do to help soil stay in good shape. These ideas are easy to start with when you observe World Soil Day. For those who have the imagination, they may be able to create their own ideas!

This day can be celebrated by doing what scientists all over the globe need: getting educated. Every year, the planet suffers enormous damage. This is not due to malice or ignorance. It is because most people don’t know enough about the earth so they can cause damage, sometimes irreparable.

These resources can help you to learn more about the issues surrounding World Soil Day.

A rain garden is one of the most popular activities that average people can take part in. A rain garden is a small depression in a garden or yard that rainwater can flow into. This reduces soil erosion and promotes healthier soil.

Composting is another important activity that can help soil. The soil must have access to new minerals in order to retain its nutrients. This can be obtained from dead plants, dried leaves, grass clippings, and other sources. A compost heap can be kept in your backyard. Fill it with fresh soil and turn it often. This will improve the soil’s ability to grow, as well as reduce the amount of trash that goes into a landfill.

Do you have little friends, family members or schoolchildren who are interested in learning more about the importance of soil to our lives? You can read with them different books about soil! These are some to start with:

It is a smart idea to limit the number of paved or flat surfaces on a property. Because water that flows over these surfaces can gain momentum, which can cause more erosion once it reaches soil.

A rain barrel is a simple and effective way to conserve soil, and water in this instance. It can be placed where rainwater can flow off the roof. This rainwater can then be used for watering the plants.

No matter what you do, Mother Nature can use even the smallest gestures to make a difference!


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