World Space Week

WSW (World Space Week) is a holiday observed annually from 4 to 10 Oct in different parts of the world. This includes Asia and Europe. WSW is officially described as an international observance of science and technology, plus their contribution to the improvement of the human condition.

On 6 December 1999, the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) made a declaration that the World Space Week was a yearly event celebration to be celebrated between 4 to 10 Oct. The selection of these dates was based on the recognition of two significant dates in space history: on 4 October 1957, which was the launch of the first-ever Earth satellite that was human-made called Sputnik 1; and on 10 October, which was the day of the Outer Space Treaty signing.

WSW is the world’s largest annual space event. In 2015, over 1, 800 events in 73 nations celebrated space benefits and excitement regarding space exploration. Events include government events, exhibitions, school activities as well as special activities at planetaria worldwide.

Every year, World Space Week Association Board of Directors establishes a theme for WSW. In 2017, the theme was “Exploring New Worlds in Space”, most of the events of WSW focused on mainly on the plans towards human exploration of space plus recent Earth-like planets discoveries in nearby solar systems.

The WSWA (World Space Week Association) announced that in 2018, the theme is going to be entitled “Space Unites the World.” According to the UN, the theme recognises UNISPACE+50, which is a historic gathering of the leaders of world space. UNISPACE+50 is going to promote collaboration between spacefaring and the emerging space countries and help activities of space exploration become open, plus inclusive on international scale.


Oct 04 - 10 2023


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