World Standards Day

World Standards Day

There are a number of standards that all industries, companies, and organizations around the globe have agreed to uphold. These standards were established through mutual agreement among these organizations, as part of their participation at the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). These standards were instrumental in the industrial revolution. Today, they drive all aspects of technology from automobile to telecommunications. World Standards Day is a celebration of the contributions made by these women and men to the world.

We all know standards are important. However, it is possible that we don’t realize how important they can be. Before international standards and industrialization, it was impossible to find a replacement part for an equipment or machine that you owned. It was possible for them to only do a “best fit” type of repair. Each piece of this machine was made specifically for that particular device, without automation or any set of standards.

The industrial revolution was the start of a significant change. While many believe that fire is man’s most important invention it could have been standardization. You can now find a replacement screw at your local hardware store if you ever need one.

A new router will communicate with other electronic equipment and networks because it operates on the same frequency. Because the ISO established the standards for vehicle types, even cars use a specific type of fuel. The ISO’s hard work and contributions to the world that we live in is celebrated on World Standards Day.

It is a great way to Celebrate World Standards Day by taking some time to reflect on all the things that you have in common. The standards define the dimensions, shapes, frequency, composition, and other details that make the world work together. Imagine how different our lives would look without standardization.


Oct 14 2024


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