World Stationery Day

World Stationery Day

It may seem like the art of writing letters is losing its appeal with all the electronic messages, emails, and texts we receive every day. It is not worth waiting days or even weeks to get some difficult-to-read words written on paper. When it is so easy to simply read an email, why wait?

It’s more than simply exchanging information. It’s about someone who takes the time to write down words on paper. Then, there’s the extra hassle of going to the post office to wait in line for your package to be delivered.

That’s right. It is about someone making the decision to spend a few dollars on postage to personalize their message. It means a lot. It is truly a special experience to receive a handwritten letter or card, or even a postcard in the mail.

This is what World Stationery Day is about: Preserving the art of writing words on pages, rather than just sending electronic versions that can only be seen on a screen.

Is that not an honorable cause?

Since prehistory, humans have been writing for thousands upon thousands of years. The Dispilio tablet, which dates back to 5200 BC, is believed to be the oldest known written record. Writing began to appear in many other places after that. It was especially prevalent in the Near East.

Writing was a necessity at the time. Information needed to be communicated, especially for political expansion. The most important people to communicate with were the rulers and authorities. They were also highly educated. They didn’t do all the writing. They had staff scribes who would write down everything they needed.

Records, financial transactions, and historical events eventually became documented in writing. The Mesopotamian writing systems is believed to be the oldest, with a date of 3600 BC. This system was created before ink or paper. It consisted of the simple idea of pressing a triangular-shaped pen into soft clay.

As with everything else, writing evolved slowly from these triangles to become what it is today. Each year, paper is made from more than 1 billion trees. This includes books, magazines, newspapers, stationery, notebooks and journals, as well as for other purposes such like printing papers. Stationery is an important part in the paper industry.

World Stationery Day was established in 2012 to ensure that the art of writing does not disappear. This was due to the fact that writing is now much more practical than other forms of communication, thanks to technological advances.

However, research has shown that writing with your own hand is more engaging than typing. Writing (and stationery) is a great way to express yourself. It is unlikely that it will ever go anywhere.

There are many options available for those wondering how to spend their day. There are many options for spending a little extra time to appreciate the beauty of writing on stationery.

It is simple to write a letter or a card. This is the first task on your list. Grab your favorite pen or sharpen your pencils! World Stationery was created to ensure that writing continues to thrive despite all the newer options. Everyone should do their part to help them achieve this goal.

World Stationery Day is an opportunity to purchase stationery and make a vow to use it every chance you get. You can also grab a variety of envelopes and paper colors from your local office supply store. You might also be able to order personalized stationery printed with your full name or monogram.

Don’t forget to buy a variety of writing tools while you are at the shop. A wax seal kit is an option that can be used to personalize letters and evokes memories from the past.

Handwriting letters and cards can be a great way to express your gratitude to family and friends for upcoming holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. People are most grateful for receiving cards on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It doesn’t have to be special! Just write a note or a card to someone you love, just because.

Penpals were a novelty in the past, especially if they were from another culture or time zone. This tradition is still alive and well, despite what many might think. PenPal World is a platform that allows individuals to connect with others around the globe who wish to exchange letters.

Do you plan to host a party? Are you obligated to thank everyone who came to your wedding to give them their wonderful gifts? A friend has been ill for a while and needs a cheerful get well card. World Stationery Day doesn’t have to be just for one day.


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