World Tessellation Day

World Tessellation Day

Tessellation is a beautiful effect that allows the same shapes to be repeated over and over again in order to match perfectly. A tessellation is your standard tiled kitchen floor. But the patterns that can be combined get more complex than that!

Even if math is not your thing, you may be a sucker to pretty patterns. If so, today is the day for you!

A group of math enthusiasts and a children‚Äôs book author started this day for all pattern-lovers. Emily Grosvenor is the author of Tessellation, a children’s book. This day was created by Emily Grosvenor to celebrate the repeating, tiling patterns.

Tessellations are a long-standing favorite – you can find tessellating patterns in scores of interior designs and ancient art.

Their beauty is due to their repetitiveness and the fact that there’s no space between interlocking patterns.

The Sumerians, around 4000 BC, are the first known examples of tessellating patterns. They created snazzy wall designs by using repeating patterns made out of clay tiles.

In mosaic form, tessellating patterns are also possible in ancient times. They were used as borders for friezes or to decorate the floors of temples. For tiled floors such as your hallway or kitchen, repeating patterns are common today.

Tessellations weren’t part of mathematical studies until 1891, when Yevgraf Fyodorov, a crystallographer, proved that any tiling of a surface flat can feature at least one of 17 different isometries.

No matter your age, learning about tessellations is a great way of getting to grips mathematics.

Take a look at some of the amazing patterns and designs created by tessellation within classic artworks and structures. You might also want to explore the mathematics behind this visually satisfying work.

You can make your own tessellations using computer art programs or pen and paper.

Today is a great day to encourage your children to think about patterns and how they fit together. They will love to make their own.

You can spread the word that you are observing this day through posting your creations to social media.


Jun 17 2023


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