World Theater Day

World Theater Day

Since the Greeks, the theater has been a popular form of entertainment. Today’s acting industry is hardy but lucrative. Theater is a great way to have fun. Although it may seem as though theater is dying due to the decline of the movie industry, those who love the art and the beauty of theater should be aware about World Theater Day! Let’s celebrate this holiday by learning more!

World Theater Day was established to honor this amazing form of entertainment. For many years, people have enjoyed going to the theatre. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved ones, and to see live entertainment. The theater is magical, isn‚Äôt it?

The International theater Institute (ITI) started this holiday in 1961. Every year, theaters around the world recognize the importance and value of theater and call on governments and politicians to acknowledge its contribution to society and economic growth. ITI hosts a message each year, delivered by a selected theater performer. This allows them to reflect on theater’s future and share their thoughts. Jean Cocteau delivered the first one in 1962.

The message is translated into more than 50 languages and read by thousands of people. It has also been printed in hundreds upon newspapers. The message is also broadcast worldwide through the institutions. ITI boasts over 90 centers around the globe, so the institute encourages schools and colleges to celebrate the holiday.

This holiday falls on the same day as the Theater of Nations season opening in Paris. According to ITI, the holiday’s goals are to promote theater in every corner of the globe, raise awareness about the value of theater in all forms, promote local theater communities on an even larger scale, and share the love for theater with others.

Although many celebrations are held at ITI locations it doesn’t mean that you cannot join them. To participate, you can contact the ITI Centre in your country or region and coordinate it with them. You can also hear the message from their chosen speaker and share it on social media with the hashtag #worldtheaterday.

You can do your part by supporting your local theater. Donate to their associated organizations, and buy tickets to some of their concerts. You can also join a local theater program to learn acting and music. It’s a lot of fun, and you can invite your friends to join the action.

Top Hat is one show we recommend. You can watch the film online if you are unable to see it in a theater near your home. Many people consider Irving Berlin one of America’s greatest songwriters. He was a prolific composer and lyricist who lived a full and varied life. The world was blessed with his extraordinary talent.

His legacy was not lost when he died in 1989 at the age of 101. His achievements are still celebrated today by many, and Top Hat the Musical is a prime example. Top Hat the Musical was a huge success. Berlin’s music was a major factor in this success. He did, in fact, write the original songs which were included in the 1935 original film starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.

This is actually one of his most beloved and well-loved works. Two of his songs, ‘Cheek to Cheek,’ and ‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails, are now American classics. Top Hat’s musical version is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a good sing-along. No matter if you’ve seen the original, it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, it’s not just about the songs. The plot is amazing and hilarious too.

Or how about We Will Rock You. This show is a mix of Queen songs that has created a lot of buzz. This is what draws people to the musical. But, reviews began to pour in and people realized that this show was more than just a sing-along to the songs of the famous rock band.

So, even non-Queen fans began to see the show. They were just as impressed as those who were the most avid Queen fans. It is not easy to belt out the iconic songs of Freddie Mercury and Co. The cast manages it flawlessly. They bring Queen’s big anthem feel to every song and get the entire theater and arena rocking. It is easy to fail when you are trying to tackle such large songs, but that’s not the case with this rocking musical.

Final, if you think talent shows are ruining music industry, this show will be a delight. The story depicts a world in which rock is dead and pop music is thriving. Many people would argue that this is what we are seeing right now. It’s not likely that all human beings will soon have ID cards instead of names – just as the musical does.


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