World Tourism Day

It is said that travel broadens the mind by allowing you to see the wide variety of cultures and vistas offered by the people around the globe. Tourism is a term that describes travel for pleasure, domestic and international. It has been around as long and as humankind can remember.

World Tourism Day gives you the chance to expand your world, visit a place that interests you, and finally make it happen. Find your inner traveler, get out there, and see the places you have always wanted to.

Tourism is expected to grow at three percent per annum until 2030. This trend can only continue growing. There are many reasons for this growth. This can be attributed to a growing middle class around the globe and a decrease in transport costs, especially air transport.

Both the improved adoption of labor rights by many countries and recognition of the right of holidays in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights played a part. Despite the challenges of pandemics and natural disasters as well as global economic crises, the sector has seen almost continuous growth.

World Tourism Day was created to honor this sector, encourage travel and to show appreciation to those who work in it. It also helps us all achieve our dreams of visiting other places around the globe.

Each year, World Tourism Day has a new theme. In 2019, for example, the theme was “Tourism and Jobs – A Better Tomorrow For All”. This encourages people focus on creating jobs in the tourism sector.

The United Nations sought to encourage the development of new policies that would address the mismatch between tourism skills being taught and those actually required.

Also, the UN wanted to create more and better jobs, especially for women and youth. We recommend that you find out the World Tourism Day theme. This will give you ideas for how to best celebrate World Tourism Day.

As long as there were distant places to visit and experiences, tourism has been part of human life. It was initially the province of the wealthy. Travel was expensive and difficult, but it offered opportunities to travel and learn new languages.

It can be said that tourism dates back to Ancient China’s Shulgi period, when the Kings made great efforts to build waystations and protect roads. Travel became more important in the Middle Ages because of religious reasons. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism all had pilgrimage traditions that required travel great distances for their spiritual and physical health.

To promote sustainable, responsible and universally accessible tourism, The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), established World Tourism Day. Tourism is a major driver of economic growth and benefits both the tourist as well as the places they visit.

They have created the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism to increase tourism’s benefits and minimize its impact.

World Tourism Day has been around for many years. In fact, it was the third session at the UNWTO General Assembly that decided to institute World Tourism Day. This was in Spain at Torremolinos, September 1979.

The first World Tourism Day was held in 1980, following this event. It was chosen to coincide with an important milestone in global tourism: the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO Statues on September 27, 1970. It’s also a fitting choice, as it marks both the start of the southern hemisphere season and the end of the high season for the northern hemisphere.

World Tourism Day can be celebrated by going through your dreams and finding the place you want to visit. You can plan for the future if you are unable to travel to the destination.

World Tourism Day can be used to increase awareness about the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Get involved and speak out to improve working conditions in the tourism industry. You can also use this date to promote hidden gems all over the globe that could benefit from an influx of tourists to help boost their economies and put their communities on the map.

Reminisce on all the incredible places you’ve been privileged to see, and plan for the places you would like to visit.


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