World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day

Tuberculosis is a serious lung disease that causes severe symptoms such as night sweats, bloody coughing and coughing up blood. Tuberculosis can lead to death if it is not treated. It remains an epidemic in the world.

Tuberculosis can usually be treated with medication. However, those living in third world countries are not able to access these resources. Tuberculosis can cause death over a prolonged period.

World Tuberculosis Day is a day that aims to raise awareness about this disease and encourage people to stop this epidemic.

Robert Koch, a doctor, discovered the cause of tuberculosis in 1882. At that time, tuberculosis was widespread in Europe. Scientists and doctors were puzzled as to how these people could catch the disease and die within weeks.

The discovery of the cause eventually leads to a cure. This historic event is not well known. The International Union Against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease (IUAT) proposed the concept of World Tuberculosis Day in 1982.

It was intended to educate the public about tuberculosis and raise awareness for Koch’s work. However, the United Nations and WHO’s World Health Assembly didn’t recognize the holiday until a decade later.

The first High-Level Meeting to End Tuberculosis Worldwide was held by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018. World Tuberculosis Day celebrates Koch’s discovery and raises awareness about the severe consequences tuberculosis can cause if it is not treated.

WHO estimates that global efforts to fight TB have saved 54 million lives worldwide since 2000. They also reduced the TB death rate by 42%. This day is a call to action to encourage global leaders to take responsibility for tuberculosis and build accountability.

It hopes to increase the effectiveness of prevention and treatment, as well as end the stigma associated with the disease. This will help to improve the effectiveness of tuberculosis treatment.

Explore Koch’s work to celebrate World Tuberculosis Day. Learn about his discovery of the bacteria that has killed so many people over the years. Participate in public seminars, distribute flyers to your community, and make a donation to a charity that supports tuberculosis researchers.

Use the hashtag #tuberculosisday to share facts and information on tuberculosis via social media. Tell your family and friends about tuberculosis. If they suspect they may have active tuberculosis, encourage them to consult a doctor.


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