World Turtle Day

They are described as slow and plodding, steady, methodical and sometimes obsessed with Ninjitsu and news reporters. Of course, we are referring to Turtles!

Turtles are a species of reptile that can be found in many different environments around the globe. They have been featured in poetry, literature, and parables throughout history. World Turtle Day is a celebration of these magnificent reptiles and urges people to do their part to save the sea turtle and common pet turtle.

First, you need to understand that turtles and tortoises are different things. However, this day is dedicated for celebrating and protecting both. World Turtle Day was established in 1990 by American Tortoise Rescue. It recognizes the existence of some hard and soft turtle species. Shelled friends are in danger and on the brink of extinction because of environmental hazards and issues with hunting and harvesting their eggs.

American Tortoise Rescue was founded by Susan Tellem (married animal activist) and Marshall Thompson (marined activist who had a passion for tortoises). Every person has a passion in life. For these two, it was their bonding over animal rights activism. These two aren’t just closet hippies who adore all things shelled or scaly.

Susan is a partner in Tellem Grody Public Relations Incorporated and deeply involved with television arts, sciences, and the public relations society. They have organized charity collections and other works all over the globe to protect these incredible critters. To get everyone involved, they created World Turtle Day to spread awareness about the declining habitats and the decreasing numbers of these delicate creatures.

What is the difference between tortoises and turtles? They are both reptiles but the main difference is that turtles can live in water while tortoises must live on land. Turtles have flat, streamlined shells because they live in water. Tortoises have more rounded and domed shells.

Our tortoise-loving friends live longer than their reptile cousins. Although tortoises live for over 300 years, their life expectancy can be as high as 150 years. Although turtles can live to 40 years, one turtle nearly lived to 90 years!

World Turtle Day is a platform for education that focuses on the differences among reptiles. The Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group is open to turtle and tortoise enthusiasts and produces educational material to teach children and adults about these reptiles.

The TTPG assists turtle breeders to save them from extinction by offering advice to turtle and tortoise keepers. The TTPG can help anyone with a four-legged tortoise friend, as well as expert breeders.

First, get in touch with American Tortoise Rescue to find out what you can do locally to protect turtles. You can coordinate with local aquariums and pet shops to help you identify the species that live in your region.

You can make a donation online to turtle causes from wherever you are. Or, organize your own awareness and charity campaigns to support your favorite species. These events are a great way to save your time and help the turtles and tortoises at your local pet shop. To help reptile friends, you don’t need to live in a conservation area.

You can visit local habitats by booking a trip through your local charity. There are many places that you can visit around the world to support turtles or tortoises.

You can show your turtle or tortoise some love on their special day. If your turtle doesn’t already have one, why not give it a gift? Give your turtle’s tank a thorough clean in spring to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed.

Research shows that tortoises respond to their owners’ voices. It could be that they love you or because of what you feed them. Give them some of their favorite broccoli or give them a bath when they need it to make sure they live a happy life.

Even if you aren’t near a turtle nest or tortoise island, it is important to keep your beaches clean for the benefit of local wildlife and their environment. Keep your sandy beach spot clean and free of plastic bags and water bottles to keep the sea and land healthy. Are you not near a beach?

These amazing creatures are great for pets or helping to conserve the ecosystems in their natural habitat. If you live in an area where snapping turtles are a problem, it is a good idea to know how to avoid them and where they can be found. Happy World Turtle Day!


May 23 2024


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