World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day will be of special significance to you if you are friends with Jack or Jim and you spend weekends with Jameson or Johnnie.

Whisky is a favorite drink of true alcohol lovers and the basis of many of the best drinks ever created. These wonderful drinks are a great excuse to indulge in them. World Whisky Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in these wonderful libations.

Irish Whisky is one of the most sought-after forms of whisky. The Gaelic Language is where the origins of Whisky are found.

Uisce Beatha was originally the name for whiskey in classic Gaelic. It eventually became Uisce Beatha (Ireland) and Uisge Beatha (Scotland). These names both mean “Water of Life”, which shows how vital and important this particular distillation was for the Gaels.

Later, it was shortened to Uisce/Uisge and then analicized to Whisky. Now you know that if someone is worried about your whisky intake, they can simply tell you that you are drinking the water of living!

What exactly is whisky? Whisky is made when rich, flavorful grains are fermented into a mash. Then you distill that mash into a delicious spirit.

A still is a device that purifies the alcohol from fermented mash. Distillation must be done in a copper (or copper lined) still. The copper removes sulfur, which can make the otherwise delicious drink very unpleasant.

While you may enjoy a glass of whisky, did you know that the …? below is also delicious?

World Whisky Day reminds everyone that there are many whiskies out there and that it is unlikely that anyone has tried all of them. Whisky can be made of barley, wheat, rye and corn. These grains are often mixed together before fermentation and distillation.

The finished product is then aged in casks. Both the time spent inside and outside will affect the flavor. You may find that you need to try all the varieties available over a period of time. World Whisky Day offers a unique opportunity to explore new flavors and share your knowledge with friends.

You can create your own whisky cocktail on World Whisky Day. You can even create your own cocktail.

You could also make one of the many classic cocktails that are popular around the globe. Make your own Whisky Sour! Here’s a recipe to give it a shot…

Mix all ingredients except the lemon zest in a shaker. Mix the ingredients with the ice and shake well. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Then, squeeze the zest of the lemon with its shiny side down over the top. This is to allow the scented oils to spray over the top of your drink. The zest can be removed and the garnish added. Delicious, right?


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