World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

Amazing creatures can be found in every medium. Wildlife abounds in unexpected and unusual places, from the magnificent whales of sea to the birds of the sky. Wildlife has been a benefit to us in many ways, and we have since lost sight of its importance. World Wildlife Day reminds us all of our responsibilities towards the world and the living things we share it with.

Despite our desire to believe so, humans aren‚Äôt the only living thing on Earth. We are far outnumbered, in fact, by all living things, including animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. Wildlife is not something we observe passively. It’s part and parcel of our world that we must care for. World Wildlife Day allows you to honor all wildlife, including the smallest insects and blue whales. You can spend the day doing something to protect wildlife no matter how much you love it.

This day is dedicated to raising awareness about wild flora & fauna around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about animals or a lover of plants. You can use this day to educate others and yourself. It’s a great way to celebrate biodiversity around the globe and maybe get out and about to see the amazing diversity of fauna and flora that the world has to share. Anyone who is passionate about our planet should celebrate World Wildlife Day.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a position to protect endangered species around the globe on March 3, 1973. These species are vital for human health and well-being, whether they be plant or animal. There were hundreds of endangered species at risk every year and the rate of extinction was alarming. CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), was established to stop the world from losing species that could never be seen again.

Another step was taken on December 20th 2013 to raise awareness about the fragility and plight of endangered species around the globe. The UN announced that World Wildlife Day will be held each year at its 68th session. This new purpose and idea is to keep people informed about the changing world and the precious resources we can lose to the animal and plant kingdoms if they don’t care.

The day may focus on an endangered animal or group, while other years it will be focused on a particular issue that affects wildlife. Previous themes included getting serious about wildlife crimes and listening to young voices. The CITES Secretariat implements World Wildlife Day in collaboration with UN agencies. Although the day has been around for a while, it’s had a significant impact. Celebrating Earth Day is essential if you care deeply about it and all that it represents.

World Wildlife Day can be celebrated alone or with friends.

When we think of World Wildlife Day, the first thing that comes to our minds is going to our local botanical conservatory or zoo and reminding ourselves about all of the life in our world. This is a great way to introduce children to the amazing world of the animal kingdom and plants. Outdoor excursions with a book about local fauna and flora (That’s plants, animals) are great options if you feel adventurous.

You can also spend the day spreading awareness about the importance wildlife. You can also celebrate the beauty of our planet by encouraging others to do the same. You could organize an event, ask people to sponsor you, or make educational materials. You can choose a cause that is important to you, regardless of whether it’s a local issue or an international issue.

You can also find out the theme for this year’s Wildlife Day by visiting to learn more and get involved. You can either search the website for events near you or add your event to encourage others. The site also has a variety of materials that can be used to help you take photos, such as posters, logos and a social media toolkit. There are suggestions for hashtags for World Wildlife Day that you can use on social media and any other materials you create for your event. They suggest that you participate in a contest, engage with celebrities, politicians and influencers, and show your appreciation to those who work every day to conserve wildlife.

It is vital that we ensure the biosphere of the planet remains healthy. If a plant or an animal dies, there is no way to know if we will ever find a cure or a new medical breakthrough. World Wildlife Day gives you the chance to help preserve our planet.


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