Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

The December International Food Service Safety Month is observed. While it focuses on the safety of food preparation in the service sector, it also reminds us to do the right things at home to make sure we don’t expose our family to potential hazards. This month is a time when there is a lot of festive feasting so food safety is even more important.

To ensure high standards of hygiene, companies that prepare meals for hungry customers must pass rigorous testing and trials. Food service is a big business. In 2010, 77% of all food service sales came from restaurants and fast food outlets. Food service businesses often sell wholesale food to large corporations like MacDonalds. However, many of them also create ready-to-eat meals for their customers.

Every eating establishment should have a hygiene certification. It is important to ensure that cleanliness levels are maintained at a high level. This applies to all food preparation areas, from small cafes down the street to large factories that produce foodstuffs on an industrial scale. You can enjoy every packaged meal, microwave meal and tub of ice cream without worrying about getting sick.

Surfaces should be cleaned after food preparation. It is important to wash all utensils before they are used on different items.

There are many things to consider when cooking. This month will help you learn these considerations, regardless of whether you work in a restaurant kitchen or at home.

Many foods, such as fish and chicken, require that they be cooked at a specific temperature before being served. This reduces the chance of bacteria living on food and making people sick.

Hand washing is one of the best ways to ensure food preparation safety. It’s an effective way to prevent common illnesses such as the common cold. Why not keep a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy so that you can get into the habit for washing your hands before you grab a bite.


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