Write a Letter Appreciation Week

Write a Letter Appreciation Week

As technology and social media make communication faster and more efficient, handwritten notes seem to be in decline. A handwritten letter is a more personal and intimate way to express gratitude to someone you care about.

You can write a letter of appreciation week to show your appreciation for people who have inspired you.

Write a letter of appreciation week has been an annual holiday since 2011. It encourages people to send letters to express their gratitude instead of sending emails and texts. Writing letters helps writers be more mindful of their words, pay more attention to grammar, and encourages handwriting.

Although cursive writing is still taught at schools, many people forget it due to technology. The purpose of this holiday is for people to have a better way to write letters to show their appreciation to those they love.

The Write a Letter Appreciation week gives people the opportunity to send a thank you letter to any person, including parents, family, teachers, colleagues, and anyone who inspires greatness in others.

Holidays are about sharing the words of gratitude with others that can’t be expressed through spoken or purchased gifts. It’s about giving from your heart, a letter that expresses gratitude to someone.

Practice cursive writing and, if necessary, enroll in online courses that teach cursive writing. You can also experiment with calligraphy to create beautiful words and art.

Consider the words that you would like to use. Take a look at poetry as a reference. Then, put your heart and soul into it. Write a Letter Appreciation Week is about giving to those who don’t expect much, so, send off the words you know will touch them, and share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #WriteALetterAppreciationWeek to encourage others to do the same.


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