You’re Welcome Giving Day

You’re Welcome Giving Day

People look forward to Thanksgiving every year. It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is a highly anticipated holiday. The delicious turkey, succulent ham, potatoes and gravy are all waiting for their arrival. You should be grateful for all the people and things we receive throughout the year. Richard Ankli recognized that this is an important lesson. However, people forget to be humble in their pursuit of gratitude. It’s a fact of life that not all people who are thanked for their kindness are able to give. Some people who receive may not be able to give, so gratitude is essential. We should be grateful for what we get. We are reminded that gratitude should always be expressed with humility on the Day of Welcome Giving. Giving charity or generosity should not be done with gratitude in mind, but simply because it is right. Although this may seem like an obvious lesson, it can be hard to remember. Humility reminds us that generosity should not be viewed as a way to show gratitude but rather as a way to recognize that others are more fortunate than we are. When others reach out and thank you, remember to reply with a humble “You are welcome” to show your appreciation. This simple phrase shows others you are grateful. Keep your words simple and humble. Don’t let generosity turn into resentment if people don’t reciprocate. You’re Welcomegiving Day is a time to reflect on your generosity and find a place for humility in your daily life.


Nov 25 2024


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