Z Day

Z Day

It can be difficult for people whose first or second names begin with the letter Z. Many processes, systems, and organizations use alphabetical ordering as a standard. This means that they always come last, no matter where or when. It can get annoying, don’tcha think? Z Day was created in order to give Z-named people a little break. People who start with Z can be first in line and get picked earlier. They also have the option to stand in the front for a change.

Z Day is a celebration at the beginning of each year. You don’t have to be told that Z is the last letter of the alphabet. If your name is Zara, Zack, or a combination thereof, you are probably used to hearing your name called last on the register, or when anything is being called in alphabetical order. But not today, my friend! Today, you come first! Turn the table upside down on Z Day and allow those whose names begin with Z to be first in line.

Many people see this day as an opportunity for them to try out different ways of doing things. If you’re going to flip the alphabet upside down, why not also flip a few things around? If you have a list of tasks for the week or day, then you can flip it over on Z Day and get to work on the least important task. This may seem counterproductive, but it might be the right thing to do.

The seventh letter of the Semitic Symbol, Zayin, was called “weapon” and “sword”. It could be the sound /z/ in English or French, but it could also represent /dz/ in Italian zeta. The Greek Z form was very similar to the Phoenician Zayin. The Greek inscriptional form also remained the same throughout history. This is what the Greeks called the Zeta. Latin was the source of our current alphabet. It had the letter Z in its earliest form before it was replaced with the letter G.

The letter Z is less common in British English than American English. British English uses the letter Z less often than American English. Are you able to type Zzz when feeling tired?

How will you celebrate this holiday? If you are able to arrange things alphabetically, then put the Z’s in front. If you were a teacher, this would be an easy task. If you’re feeling rebellious, reverse the alphabetical order! This is a great way to have opposite days with your kids. You might not be able to arrange things alphabetically so you can draw random Z-named items. Your Z art can be very abstract and creative. You might even work with someone who has a Z name, and you could give them something extra. You can take your Z buddy to lunch, or help them with their work today.

You might even be able to buy a Z-shaped product, such as a Zenith watch and a Zune. Many products start with Z! If the zoo is open, you could visit it to see the zebras. If only they would let you ride one! Or, you could watch your favorite zombie movie and not get the hunger for brains. You could even dress up as a zombie to give Z-named people hugs! You could even tattoo a Z on yourself and celebrate your accomplishments for the rest your life. This would be a great way to express your gratitude for the wonderful letter. It’s up to you. Get creative! Be creative!

You can make the most of this day by throwing a party. It is also the beginning of a new year so there are plenty to celebrate. You could ask everyone to wear a fancy dress that starts with Z Day. This is a great way to make sure you’re observant. Many people will be dressed up as zebras. But don’t limit your creativity to this particular zoo animal. You could even dress up as Zoro You might also consider Zack Morris, from Saved By The Bell. Another option is a zombie! Oder, what about a zulu warden? There are many great ways to celebrate Z Day.


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