ZIP Code Day

ZIP Code Day

You are likely to be familiar with the concept postal code, regardless of where you live. The string of letters and numbers at the end your address that indicates where your actual address is. Zip Codes were originally created from postal zone or postal district numbers, which helped mail carriers navigate larger cities.

London and Liverpool were the first cities to be divided in these sectors. However, they spread around the globe by the end World War I. They came to the USA in the 1920’s and were eventually used in all major cities after World War II. The concept of a ZIP Code was born around this time.

Have you ever wondered what the ZIP code in your ZIP code meant? (Did you notice that it was all capitalized? It’s an acronym. No? It is! It’s a happy “I learned something today” day! The ZIP code is shorthand for Zone Improvement Plan and was created in 1989. Although they may vary from one place to another, the way they are used is very consistent. They were initially used to ensure mail got to the correct place and to keep things moving. They’ve been used in many different ways since then, including as emergency service direction.

This day is not easy to celebrate. You might try making a cake with the Zip Codes in icing. You may be able to experience what Mount Vernon Iowa did in 2014 if you live in the 523 area code.

Because the entire city is contained within one zip code, they came together to celebrate. They held fund-raising events, took group photos, and had a great time as they raised awareness about Zip Codes and the closeness of their communities.

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Jan 07 2025


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