Zombie Awareness Month

Zombie Awareness Month

Get Ready for the Apocalypse with Zombie Awareness Month 2021!

The zombies are hungry and they’re coming for your brains, or at least they will be during May. This is the time of the year when Zombie Awareness Month 2021 is celebrated, with special events held from May 1st all the way through to May 31st.

If you want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, we’d recommend reading the Zombie Survival Guide or World War Z (the book is much better than the movie) – both by Max Brooks – you’ll learn everything from the best weapons to kill zombies through to proven tips for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the living dead. It might just save your life!

People who want to get in on the action can show their support for the cause by wearing a grey ribbon. There will also be special film showings of classic zombie films such as Night of the Living Dead and other types of light hearted events where people get the chance to become a zombie for the day and show off their best stumbling walk skills.

However, Zombie Awareness Month 2021 is primarily held to raise awareness about zombies and the potential future zombie apocalypse. The campaign is organised and funded by The Zombie Research Society, which is an organisation that is dedicated to the scientific, historic and cultural study of the living dead.

The Zombie Research Society claims that a zombie apocalypse is not merely a fantasy made popular by films and novels but a potential threat that everyone should be aware of and be prepared for. During the month of may special talks and events will be held to make sure that people understand what to do if the zombie apocalypse becomes a reality so that they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Of course, it is also a good opportunity to break out the green face paint and the fake blood and have fun.


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