What is newsjacking?2022-10-19T14:49:34+01:00

Newsjacking refers to a method of digital marketing that uses news or facts of great relevance to create useful and viral content for your brand. Newsjacking means being constantly aware of current news in order to capitalize on the media’s pull.  This can be either a sporting or musical event or events that are of high social or political importance. The content should be created as quickly as possible and must be original and coherent. Once it has been launched, it is important to promote it so it goes viral by contacting journalists via social media, interacting directly with consumers, and contacting journalists.

How can newsjacking help promote a company?2022-10-19T00:49:22+01:00

Newsjacking allows for more effective company promotion. It involves following the top-trending topics and news on the internet and responding to it with creative, funny and relevant messages. Newsjacking is a cheaper option than expensive ads campaigns. However, it can be very cost-effective if the campaign goes viral.

How does Newsjacking help content marketing?2022-10-19T14:34:05+01:00

Newsjacking gives content marketers access to the most popular topics, allowing them to write highly relevant articles. Newsjacking allows content marketers to get their brands on the news and first pages of search results for the most trending keywords.

Newsjacking Advantages2022-10-19T14:34:22+01:00

While newsjacking can have a positive impact on our brand, it can also be detrimental if done incorrectly. We highlight the following benefits of newsjacking:

It creates notoriety. Taking advantage at the exact moment implies that you are on people’s lips. The more we are commented upon and sounded, the longer we will be remembered by the consumer.

Newsjacking Benefit: Virality2022-10-19T14:35:14+01:00

This is the main goal of newsjacking. It creates content that, by taking advantage of the strength and relevance of the news, transmits quickly the brand’s name to all locations.

NewsJacking Benefit: Economic2022-10-19T14:35:37+01:00

This technique is not expensive and produces amazing results. A small investment can result in a large return.

When Should NewsJacking Be Used2022-10-19T14:36:04+01:00

David Meerman Scott says newsjacking becomes less effective after a certain point in the story’s lifecycle. You will be competing with more voices if you delay contributing to the discussion. You’ll be more successful if you respond quickly to breaking news and are the first to respond with creative or clever ways.

How to do NewsJacking well2022-10-19T14:37:31+01:00

When newsjacking is done well, it can educate the reader in a creative and valuable way while also elevating the brand. This can be a great way to showcase your organization’s personality and delight your supporters.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Timing is everything2022-10-19T14:38:32+01:00

You should time your newsjacking efforts to coincide with the buzz surrounding the story. You’re unlikely to succeed if you try to grab a story that has already been covered.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Do Your Research2022-10-19T14:38:52+01:00

Make sure you understand the topic before you comment on a news article. You could look uninformed or make a bad impression by commenting on sensitive topics.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Keep it Relevant2022-10-19T14:39:10+01:00

Your newsjacking efforts should be relevant to your company or brand. You’ll look outof touch if you don’t.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Take Care with Social Media2022-10-19T14:39:29+01:00

Be respectful of others when commenting on news stories on social media. Avoid being too self-promotional.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Be ready for criticism2022-10-19T14:39:49+01:00

Your newsjacking efforts will not be appreciated by everyone. You should be prepared to face backlash from those who feel you are exploiting a news story or just jumping on the bandwagon.

NewsJacking Best Practise: Proper Newsjacking Etiquette2022-10-19T14:40:06+01:00

Although newsjacking can help your organization get media attention and increase awareness, it is important to be cautious. You can confuse your audience by using stories that are not directly related to your work. This could lead to confusion and even discredit for your organization.

Newsjacking Do’s2022-10-19T14:40:38+01:00

To stay up-to-date on breaking news, use software like an RSS feed

To ensure you are notified of relevant topics, set up alerts

You should establish criteria to determine the news types you will focus on. Answer these questions: “What subjects are relevant to our company?” “What do we not want to touch with 10 feet?”

Make a connection between the news and your brand/core value.

Newsjacking Don’ts2022-10-19T00:58:31+01:00

Do not wait for the news to get old.

Don’t propagate inaccuracies. If in doubt, don’t post.

Do not set unrealistic expectations about newsjacking. Set SMART goals around expanding your audience.

NewsJacking Benefits: Traffic influx2022-10-19T14:41:12+01:00

As people search for information on the original story, they will piggyback to your site.

You can increase brand awareness by being the first to comment on a story. This will help you get your brand or company in front of many new eyes.

NewsJacking Benefits: Engagement2022-10-19T14:41:24+01:00

Content that is current and relevant will result in increased engagement. Newsjacking allows you to give your audience access content that is relevant to current headlines

NewsJacking Benefits: Increased media coverage and PR opportunities2022-10-19T14:41:39+01:00

Newsjacking can bring you some serious publicity. You should be careful not to step on anyone’s toes

NewsJacking Examples: JetBlue’s Valentine’s Day Tweet2022-10-19T14:42:03+01:00

JetBlue’s tweet said, “We Love You Too, New York” in the days leading to Valentine’s Day. The tweet was retweeted over 16,000 times and received plenty of media attention.

NewsJacking Examples: Pizza Hut’s tweet about the eclipse2022-10-19T14:42:11+01:00

Pizza Hut saw an opportunity for profit from the solar eclipse and tweeted: “The sun has gone. The moon is in. We have a pizza for you.” The tweet was retweeted over 14,000 times and gained media attention

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